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patternPronation is not a serious disorder it is just the way the human body naturally moves and how the foot moves either inward or outward upon landing. Look out for b3 guide on suppination shoes which will guide you in picking the right shoes based on your pronation type.

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Types Of Pronation

1. Under-pronation
People with under-pronated feet need a lot of cushioning to prevent any injuries.

2. Neutral Pronators
They should wear shoes which are wider in size.

3. Overpronators
They should look for good cushioning in shoes for evening out the pressure.

Let us see each one of them in detail.

The outer side of the heel reaches the ground at a taller range with less pronation which in turn leads to more shock.
The last finger in the toe gets most pressure. This increases the strain caused in ankles. This kind of foot types has high arches.

In neutral pronation, the foot contacts directly on the ground. The front side of the feet gets landed first and then the inward of the feet gets landed. This leads to even spreading of shock absorption and body weight. Since the shock absorption is taken care effectively, there is no possibility of injuries or pain. The arches in the feet look normal.

Over Pronation
The anterior side of the heel lands first and then it turns inward moving the weight from the inner side. The majority of the task is done by the first and second finger. The consequences of over-pronation are leg pain, abnormal nerve feeling and due course of time leads to muscle fragility, lumps. These people have either low arches or flat feet.

Check On The Patterns
There are few considerations you should have in mind on the impact put on your feet. This will help you in understanding where you will need more support and where you need extra cushioning.

When you place your used shoe on the floor, you can visibly see a slight tilt on the outside of the shoe. This shows that the outside part of the shoe has the maximum impact.

Neutral Runners
You will not notice any inclination in your shoes when you place them flat on the floor. The inner soles will show an S-Shaped pattern from the back to toe.

You will be noticing an inward inclination when you place the shoe on the floor. Most of the usage is towards the inner side of the heel and more near the big toe.

General Tips To Buy Shoe
Leave some extra space in front of your toe to prevent rubbing. The width should fit in exactly. If your shoe has lace see to that, the lace is snug and not very tight. In the case of the Barefoot shoes, the heels and toes should fit without any extra space in either the length or width.